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French single-stage centrifugal extractor

2021-04-16 11:51:17
French single-stage centrifugal extractor
Detailed introduction:

General features of centrifugal extractor:

  • Motor directly connected to the spindle

  • No bottom bearing in the treatment area

  • Perfluorinated polymer material structure suitable for corrosive environment

  • Optional online cleaning system in line with GMP standards

  • Optional dosing grade polishing

  • The centrifuge is fully capable of adapting to intermittent continuous operation

  • The liquid residence time is short the residual amount is small

  • Use centrifugal force for high-efficiency liquid phase separation

  • A variety of mixing blade designs to meet different extraction requirements

  • Low agitation turbine for liquids that are sensitive to shear

  • Unmanned monitoring of operation

  • Simple structure, large processing capacity

  • Thorough mixing, high extraction efficiency

  • Each extraction machine is roughly equivalent to a theoretical extraction stage

  • Short running time to reach equilibrium

  • Heavy light internal circulation

  • Can be used as liquid/liquid separator extraction machine

  • Several BXP machines can be connected in series (no pumps are needed between stages) to achieve the required number of cascades

working principle:

When this model is used as a centrifugal extractor for liquid/liquid extraction, a solution containing one more solutes (shown in yellow) a different density immiscible solvent (shown in blue) Color) into the mixing chamber at the bottom of the machine.

The rotating stirring blade mixes two immiscible liquids into a dispersion (shown in green). Different stirring blades can be used according to the interfacial tension between the liquid phases. Highly efficient mixing can be produced between the two liquid phases. Large interface area to ensure maximum mass transfer.

The turbo pump at the bottom of the drum sucks the dispersion into the drum. The centrifugal force generated by the drum separates the dispersion. The heavy phase (yellow in the picture) occupies the outside of the drum, the light phase (blue in the picture) occupies the outside of the drum. Inside the drum, the heavy phase overflow baffle determines the position of the phase interface. There are heavy phase overflow baffles with different diameters for replacement to meet the needs of different density ratios. The heavy phase underflows into the heavy phase receiving chamber. The phase overflows into another independent light phase receiving room.

The liquid is discharged by gravity to the next BXP centrifugal extractor downstream equipment. When multi-stage extraction is required, a series of BXP centrifugal extractors can be installed to achieve the required number of stages. There is no need to install a pump between the extractors.

To maximize flexibility, external pipelines can be used to load discharge liquid in the extraction process (main extraction, washing, back extraction).

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