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French multistage centrifugal extractor

2021-04-16 11:50:36
French multistage centrifugal extractor
Detailed introduction:

Compared with traditional liquid-liquid extraction equipment, ROBATEL's centrifugal extraction machine has the following advantages:

  • →Short residence time, less material retention.

  • →High separation factor high liquid phase separation efficiency.

  • →The operation balance can be quickly reached when frequent shutdowns are required, which helps intermittent operation.

  • →Simple structure large processing capacity.

  • →Sturdy structure, with multiple stages in the drum (LX320 LX360 up to 5 levels; LX520 up to 7 levels; LX570 up to 6 levels).

  • →The extraction efficiency (calculated in theoretical stages) is affected by the total relative flow of the two liquid phases. Each mechanical level is basically equivalent to a theoretical level.

  • →With stable hydraulic pressure, which simplifies the operation reduces the fine-tuning of the pressure of the liquid inlet outlet.

  • →Low installation cost (non-special base; transmission motor drives multiple extraction stages).

  • →The ancillary equipment is simplified.

Structural features:

  • These types of extraction machines are installed on cast iron frames with anti-vibration brackets, so no special bases are required.

  • The drum is supported by a stainless steel hub mounted on a high-strength stainless steel shaft equipped with roller bearings.

  • There is an airtight casing around the drum, which can realize the operation of the machine under the protection of inert gas. The high-strength stainless steel shaft is equipped with a sealing cover.

  • The LX320 LX520 series can be equipped with a gravity drain one two turbo pumps for draining.

  • In the LX360 LX570 series, the light phase is discharged by a turbo pump, the heavy phase is discharged by a turbo pump gravity.

  • All parts in contact with the liquid to be treated are 316L stainless steel, 18 chromium, 10 niobium, 2.5 molybdenum (other materials can be used if necessary).

  • The drums of all models are connected to an electronic motor through a V-shaped transmission belt, the pulleys on the V-shaped transmission belt can be replaced to adjust the speed.

  • The LX520 LX570 series can be equipped with a fluid coupling to reduce the motor inrush current, standard motors can also be used.

  • If the fluid coupling is equipped, the following equipment can be used in conjunction with standard motors:

  • Electronic soft starter

  • AC variable frequency drive to achieve multiple speeds

working principle:

The charged solution initially containing one more solutes (heavy phase in the schematic diagram) another immiscible solvent with a different density (light phase in the schematic diagram) flow countercurrently in the drum of the extractor. The subsequent mixing separation operations transfer the solutes in the heavy phase to the light liquid.

Each mechanical level is roughly equivalent to a theoretical level, which includes:

◇ In the mixing chamber, a central drum is connected to the casing, the fixed stirring disc on the central drum mixes the two liquid phases.

The relatively high speed between the fixed stirring plate the rotating wall of the mixing chamber can produce a very fine emulsion. The interfacial tension of the emulsion is small, which speeds up the mass transfer process. Even if the flow ratio is high, the equilibrium solution can be quickly reached concentration.

The stirring disc the inlet outlet pipes of the mixing chamber form the function of a pump, pumping two liquids adjacent stages transferring the emulsion to:

◇ Settling chamber, the centrifugal force completely separates the two previously mixed liquids. A pair of overflow baffles (B C) stabilize the position of the phase interface so that it is affected by the liquid flow rate.

The heavy liquid overflow baffle (B) is replaceable, its internal diameter is a function of the liquid phase density ratio, thereby improving the performance of the extractor.

In addition, each set of overflow baffle is suitable for a variety of liquid phase density ratios (such as 1.20 to 1.35), thereby reducing the number of adjustments required as much as possible.

The two liquid phases are loaded into the extraction machine through a pipe on the casing. Therefore, no mechanical seal is required.

The concentrated solvent (extract) the diluted liquid (raffinate) are discharged the extractor either by gravity discharge by a centripetal turbine. The centripetal turbine can generate the pressure required for unloading, so that multiple extraction machines can be connected for multi-stage operation.

When the drum stops, the liquid is discharged through a pipe located at the bottom of the casing.

LX320 seriesLX360 seriesLX520 seriesLX570 series
                       Drum diameter  mm320320320360360360517517517517570570570
                       Drum capacity  L1110.29.314.613.612.657545249747067
                       Maximum speed  r/min3200320032003000300030002000200020002000200020002000
                       Motor power  kW5.
                       Net weight    kg2802903003003103201020104010601080110011301160
                       Maximum flow  L/h1800150013002100180015006000500045003500800070006000
                       Overall dimensions  mm1050 X 590 X 7601550 X 840X 1100

Hourly flow rate is a function of liquid viscosity, emulsification concentration flow ratio. The above values correspond to products with a low degree of emulsification, a density ratio of about 1.25, a flow ratio of 1.

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