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CINC separator

2021-04-16 11:49:08
CINC separator
Detailed introduction:

The CINC separator uses centrifugal force to separate immiscible liquids with different densities.

1. Structure composition

  • The composition of the equipment includes a metal casing with liquid inlet outlet a rotating drum.

  • The motor is directly coupled to the drum through elasticity, the transmission provides precise control of the rotation speed of the drum.

2. Features:

  • One two liquid streams are introduced into the annular mixing chamber. For the mixed two-phase liquid flow, only one of the liquid inlets can be used, the second liquid inlet is used to introduce the second liquid phase in the extraction cleaning process.

  • The liquid outlet allows the separated two liquid phases to flow directly the CINC equipment by gravity.

  • For high mixing extraction processes, the liquid can be uniformly mixed in the annular mixing chamber, then the liquid is guided to the drum inlet by the bottom blade.

  • The self-pumping drum moves the liquid upwards through the drum along the axial direction of the drum, the centrifugal force (up to 100-600 g's) generated separates the two liquid phases.

  • The liquid flow separation are the result of the unique drum design the patented weir ring design. By adjusting the rotating speed of the drum the diameter of the heavy phase weir, the equipment can quickly effectively separate any two immiscible liquids. For a process, these two parameters can be optimized according to the liquid ratio, flow rate, density difference viscosity.

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