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Horizontal screw discharge settling centrifuge


Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge

Safety guarantee of centrifuge

2020-05-12 10:13:24

The centrifuge adopts advanced design concept manufacturing technology, with smooth beautiful appearance, compact firm structure, ultra quiet. It is a rare instrument for scientific research experiment. Centrifuge is very suitable for micro tube filtration rapid centrifugation, to prevent the phenomenon of liquid wall hanging in the centrifuge tube.

Detailed description of centrifuge function:

1. Simple comprehensive:

No need to press the key to operate, it can be used immediately after startup, which is more simple durable. The design of tool free disassembly makes it easy to load unload the rotor without any tools.

Large capacity 8-hole design can be directly assembled with 1.5ml 2ml centrifuge tube, with 0.5ml 0.2ml adapter 4x8pcr rotor as standard, providing you with different centrifuge requirements of 0.2ml to 2ml.

2. Seiko quality:

The palm centrifuge is imported with high-quality DC motor of international first-line brand, silent faster speed up.

The new generation of Seiko design adopts high-strength outsourcing material, which is anti wrestling anti extrusion.

3. Security:

The new generation of double-layer security protection, low-voltage DC access, effectively improve the safety factor of laboratory electricity.

High strength transparent cover material can effectively resist centrifugal impact control the risk in the body.

Centrifuge features:

1. Temperature guided design, high-speed operation will produce high temperature impact on the sample

2. Streamline design, beautiful generous; small space, but 12 * 0.5ml can be separated at one time

3. High quality composite materials modern production process run smoothly; ensure safety

4. When the cover is opened, the rotating head stops running immediately to avoid possible injury due to rotation

5. The palm centrifuge adopts the world's advanced broadband power technology (85v-220v) to ensure the operation quality

6. The whole machine is equipped with multiple interchangeable rotor heads, one machine is multi-purpose, flexible parameters are used

7. With rubber base to keep the machine moving during operation

8. It can be used as an individual in the laboratory, on the experimental platform, in the cold environment

Centrifuge manufacturer

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