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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Maintenance use rules of daily centrifuge

2020-05-12 10:11:23

Daily maintenance:

Before the operation of the centrifuge, cut off the power supply release the brake of the centrifuge. You can manually rotate the drum to see if there is any brake bite.

Check other parts of centrifuge for looseness abnormality.

Turn on the power start the vehicle in a clockwise direction (it usually takes about 40-60 seconds the static state to normal operation).

Generally, each equipment shall be operated for about 3 hours without any abnormality after arriving at the plant.

Materials should be placed as evenly as possible.

It must be operated by special personnel, the capacity shall exceed the fixed amount.

It is strictly prohibited to overspeed the machine to avoid affecting the service life of the machine.

After the machine is started, if there is any abnormal condition, it must be stopped for inspection, if necessary, it must be disassembled cleaned for repair.

The centrifuge operates at high speed, so it is allowed to touch the body its drum to prevent accidents.

The mesh number of filter cloth shall be determined according to the size of solid particles of the separated materials, otherwise, the separation effect will be affected. In addition, the filter cloth shall be installed

The sealing ring is embedded in the sealing groove of the drum to prevent the material running in.

Code of practice:

1、 When the centrifuge is in precooling state, the cover of the centrifuge must be closed. After centrifugation, take out the rotating head put it upside down on the experimental platform, dry the residual water in the chamber, the cover of the centrifuge is in open state.

2、 When the rotating head is precooled, the rotating head cover can be placed on the platform of the centrifuge, on the experimental platform. It must be floated on the rotating head without tightening, because once the rotating head is started by mistake, the rotating head cover will fly out, causing an accident

3、 After tightening the rotating head cover, make sure to touch the gap between the rotating head the rotating head with your fingers. If there is a gap, unscrew it tighten it again until there is no gap, then start the centrifuge

4、 In the process of centrifugation, the operator shall leave the centrifuge room. In case of any abnormal situation, the operator shall turn off the power press stop. Fill in the use record of centrifuge before Precooling

5、 It is allowed to use fake centrifugal pipes, it is allowed to use aging, deformed cracked centrifugal pipes

6、 Leave only after the last routine safety inspection using centrifuge on holidays in the evening

7、 In case of machine failure during the use of the instrument, the parts shall be replaced in time if damaged


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