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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Common problems about centrifuge

2020-05-12 10:09:19

There are many problems in the use maintenance of horizontal centrifuge that need attention. In order to better use centrifuge avoid accidents, let's take a look at some common problems of centrifuge.

After each use, the cover of the centrifuge shall be opened to make the heat water vapor evaporate naturally. If low-temperature centrifugation is used before there may be ice, it is necessary to wait for the ice to melt. The centrifuge shall be cleaned with dry cotton gauze in time, the cover shall be closed when there is no obvious water vapor. If the rotating head of the centrifuge can be replaced, do use sharp instrument for scraping, take out each rotating head in time after use, clean it with clean dry medical gauze, place it upside down, do use sharp instrument for scraping. The aluminum swivel should be cleaned more often, the centrifuge should be maintained overhauled frequently. For the first time, the user should consult the personnel who have used it before mainly refer to the manual. Do use it blindly.

Due to the high use frequency of the centrifuge, the frequency of machine damage accidents is high. The main reason is the improper operation of the experimenter. The common problems are: the cover cannot be opened, the centrifuge tube cannot be taken out, the centrifuge does work after the key is pressed. The serious problems include the bending caused by the uneven stress on the shaft, the motor burning out, the horizontal bucket thrown out, even more serious accidents Injuries, etc.

Centrifuges are generally placed in a dry place away direct sunlight. The heat dissipation of the centrifuge is large. Do stack sundries around it.

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