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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Working procedure of centrifuge screen operation

2020-05-12 10:07:47

Due to the action of scraper, the centrifuge has a certain destructive effect on the grains when unloading. For the filter cake with hard strong adhesion, it is necessary to be careful when selecting the centrifuge filter screen for mechanical unloading, the appropriate unloading mechanism should be selected according to the performance of the filter cake. When washing water in centrifuge, it is necessary to separate the honey water the water.

The working procedure of centrifuge screen operation is: start the motor to the first speed, clean the screen with the flushing pipe, then open the feed switch, open the sugar paste gate for feeding, when the feeding is sufficient, close the feed switch for honey separation, after a period of time, switch to the second speed to continue honey separation water washing (water temperature 70-80 ℃). In the process of completing the production cycle, there are two kinds of nectar with different sugar content that need to be collected when the filter screen of the centrifuge changes "raw honey" to "Honey washing". The nectar with higher sugar content is separated before water washing. The nectar water separation mechanism is set to "raw honey" collection state by the cylinder. When washing water, the nectar water separation mechanism needs to change "raw honey" to "Honey washing" state.

The protection system shall be equipped to ensure that the inner chamber of the centrifuge screen is isolated the external air. In most cases, it is beneficial to use centrifuge screen to treat drilling fluid, but improper use will affect production. An example of the incorrect use of centrifuge screens is the practice of using two centrifuges in a row, one for "recycling barite" the second for "waste drilling cuttings".

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