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Corrosion protection of centrifuge rotor

2020-05-12 09:53:21

1. Use protection of centrifuge rotor head

At present, a variety of centrifuge manufacturers as a kind of laboratory instrument are more more widely used. But in many places, because of the conditions, harmful gases often exist in the use environment in a humid environment. All of these conditions will accelerate the occurrence expansion of centrifugal head corrosion, affect the service life of the head. In the process of using the rotating head, because the centrifugal pipe is damaged, leakage will occur, too full tightly sealed. The liquid in centrifugal pipe often contains various corrosive media, such as strong acid, strong alkali, harmful metal salt, etc. In case of leakage, the rotating head hole will often be corroded due to pollution. In fact, the lower part of the inner wall of the rotating head hole is also the area most prone to corrosion. This is because when the rotating head is used, it is more likely to cause damage, pitting crack to the metal structure under the action of centrifugal force in a strong centrifugal force field. When the corrosion is serious, the bottom of the hole will produce dark spots, pitting, falling off, cracks, etc. the surface appearance. These are the hidden dangers of accidents, which will affect the service life of the swivel. Some users do follow the operation requirements, do clean even remove the rotating head the shaft in time after using the rotating head, put it on the shaft for a long time. The contact surface between the rotating head the shaft is under stress, which causes the corrosion effect to intensify. This may lead to "bite to death".

In order to prevent the occurrence of the hidden danger of the corrosion machine, during the use of the rotating head, it is necessary to pay attention to the sample filling amount of the centrifugal pipe the tightness of the seal, often check whether the seal ring is in good condition. In case of aging damage, it shall be replaced in time to avoid liquid leakage to prevent the corrosive solvent directly contacting with the rotating head. Wash, wipe spray protective agent apply protective grease in time after using the swivel. Mechanical damage is also a cause of corrosion caused by rotating head damage. Therefore, in the use storage of the swivel, it is necessary to prevent the swivel being bruised, scratched mechanical damage. The storage environment of the rotating head shall be kept dry placed on a special shelf, in a cabinet in a desiccator equipped with hygroscopic silica gel. In order to avoid the bad environment on the brick caused by corrosion, reduce the service life of the swivel.

2. Corrosion of centrifuge rotor

In the use of centrifuges, the corrosion of the rotating head of centrifuges has always been an important factor affecting the life of the rotating head the use safety of centrifuges. Generally, aluminum alloy with high strength light weight is used for the manufacture of swivel. Aluminum alloy is widely used in the manufacture of ULTRACENTRIFUGES high-speed centrifuges because of its low price, convenient source easy processing. Especially, it is widely used in high-speed centrifuges with relatively low speed. However, aluminum in aluminum alloy is a kind of metal element with strong chemical activity. Copper, magnesium, zinc, etc. are alloy elements that can strengthen aluminum. Therefore, aluminum alloy materials often contain copper, zinc, magnesium, etc. among them, the strengthening effect of copper is the most serious one that deteriorates the corrosion resistance. The electrochemical characteristics equilibrium potential of aluminum are very low, hydrogen evolution corrosion may occur in a wide range of pH. In the vapor environment with oxygen some other harmful gases corrosive chemical reagents in the air, copper, zinc other elements in the alloy material will produce a series of redox, charge change, atomic precipitation lattice corrosion damage of the alloy. The change of crystal lattice of alloy metal material will lead to the decrease of stress intensity. This is a kind of corrosion of alloy metal under the natural conditions in the air. The impact of this corrosion will increase with time affect the service life of the swivel.

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