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How to use laboratory centrifuge safely

2020-05-12 09:46:17

How to use laboratory centrifuge safely

1 correct installation

(1) Power supply voltage: the voltage fluctuation shall meet the national standard within + 10%, otherwise the centrifuges of some manufacturers cannot operate normally. If the voltage fluctuates above this level, it is recommended to use a voltage regulator for compliance with this grid.

(2) The ground wire shall be firm: the wiring of the power supply in the room shall meet the requirements. China is a three-phase four wire system. Three phase is the three-phase of industrial electricity. When using three-phase electricity, the zero line the ground wire shall be separated. More importantly, whether it is three-phase industrial electricity general single-phase electricity, the ground wire shall be reliable to avoid leakage. The ground wire cannot be connected to the heating pipe the water pipe.

(3) The ground shall be flat firm: for large-scale centrifuge, the floor shall be moved firmly at the installation site to ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge rotor without sinking in, the ground at the installation fixing place shall be flat firm.

(4) Find the level: find a more accurate small level, open the cover of the centrifuge, find the level on the main shaft, adjust the screw of the adjusting bolts beside the four casters to find the level, pay attention to that one foot can fall.

2. Sample loading balancing

In the design manufacture of centrifuges, the unbalance caused by the processing error of rotors has been remedied by dynamic balance test. However, all centrifuges have their allowable sample loading unbalance. In order to compete with other manufacturers in the index of allowable unbalance limit of centrifuge, centrifuge manufacturers try to give a larger value. In this larger value, the centrifuge can operate, but the unbalanced force produced at this time suddenly impacts the bearing bracket with frequency of N times per minute, the centrifuge is damaged. Therefore, users of those expensive centrifuges, try to find a good balance after centrifugation, centrifuge life is good.

3. Clean the water in the centrifugal cavity

When the centrifuge is running, it uses refrigeration. Due to the moisture content of the air, it frosts in the centrifuge chamber. After shutdown, the frost turns into water. Most foreign low-speed large-capacity centrifuges have no drain holes, the water in the centrifuges accumulates more more. At this time, the user should remove the rotor clean up the water. When reinstalling the rotor, it must be installed to avoid accidents.

4 aluminum alloy shall be corroded

The rotor of centrifuge is generally made of aluminum alloy. When it is corroded, its strength will be reduced it is easy to cause accidents. Aluminum alloy is easy to be corroded by liquid. After cleaning, it should be dried by blower inverted for a period of time. It can only be used after it is confirmed to be dry. Some blood stations import centrifuges, there should be 6 plastics in 6 aluminum cups

There is no pallet. Plastic holder should be bloodletting bag, avoid directly put in the aluminum cup. Pay attention to the test tube for cracks.

If the test tube (especially the test tube used repeatedly) has cracks, it must be used. Otherwise, in use, the tube rupture will cause the rotor to lose its balance in rotation, which may lead to such malignant accidents as shaft breakage.

5 shaft breaking accident

The rotor is placed properly, the unbalance of the sample is too large, so the centrifuge starts. Although modern imported centrifuges have unbalance protection, that is, when the unbalance exceeds a certain limit, the power should be cut off automatically to stop the centrifuge. But in the above circumstances, it is too late, malignant accidents will occur. One of the malignant accidents is the shaft breaking. Because of the sudden shaft breaking in high-speed rotation, the centrifugal rotor has no support, it rotates collides randomly in the centrifugal cavity, which can make the whole centrifuge rotate 270 °. At this time, if there are people equipment nearby, it will cause casualties equipment damage.

The above is how to use the laboratory centrifuge safely arranged by the centrifuge manufacturers. I hope it can help you!

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