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Horizontal screw discharge settling centrifuge


Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge

Origin of centrifuge development II

2020-02-18 15:16:37

Microcomputer control calculation system, easy to operate

The control calculation are generally carried out by microcomputer. The manufacturer of horizontal screw centrifuge can easily choose the operation parameters. Generally, there are more than nine acceleration curves for selection. It can store S2 more application centrifuges. CTR LED display shows the preselected value actual situation of speed, acceleration, centrifugal force value, rotor parameter, centrifugal chamber temperature other data at a glance, all operation parameters are repeatable. Some centrifuges have RS232 standard interface for external computers to record, set modify operation parameters external computers. Some centrifuges can carry out relevant calculation conversion in rotor operation, such as automatic calculation of relevant centrifugal force field (RCF) deceleration calculation to prevent cesium chloride precipitation, automatic optimization Simulation of better operation conditions. Beckman analytical ultracentrifuge is equipped with an optical detection system to scan the optical density of samples during sample separation, which is especially suitable for: receptor / self receptor research, molecular weight determination, precipitation coefficient calculation, biological product quality control

Application field of centrifuge

A variety of rotor series to meet different centrifugal operation

With the continuous expansion of the application field of centrifuges, there are more than ten kinds of rotors hundreds of varieties. Angle rotor, vertical rotor, flat rotor roller rotor, as well as various tube bracket series, can meet almost all centrifugal operations. In order to facilitate users increase interchangeability, the rotor of ultracentrifuge manufactured by dhpont, kntron other centrifuge manufacturers can be used in common with the rotor of Beckman. The wind shield of the rotor can greatly reduce the wind resistance of the rotor in the operation of the large capacity centrifuge. Under the same power consumption of the motor, the speed of the rotor with six liters of primary separation capacity can be increased 3200 rpm to 4200 rpm.

Except for some low-speed table machines which use plastic rotors, the centrifuges are made of superhard aluminum alloy titanium alloy as rotor materials. The new forming process adopts die forging over speed forming to refine material grains, increase rotor strength, adopt five face machining center for cutting to improve machining precision efficiency.

Small efficient refrigeration vacuum system

Many samples are sensitive to temperature need to be separated at below room temperature. High efficiency fluorine-free refrigeration system, small volume, low noise, no damage to the ozone layer in the atmosphere, can make the temperature range of the centrifugal chamber reach to 1 2O ℃ ~ + 40 ℃, soil 1 ℃ to reduce the wind resistance to speed up to a higher working speed speed up the cold head, extend the life of the motor ensure the temperature control. The ULTRACENTRIFUGES, some high-speed centrifuges low-speed large capacity centrifuges are equipped with a vacuum system. Beckmanj2 series centrifuges are equipped with an automatic vacuum system with a vacuum degree of 0.5 atmospheric pressure. At present, the use of semiconductor devices in the refrigeration of desktop centrifuges is also emerging.

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