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Safety measures to be considered when selecting centrifuge

2020-02-18 15:12:22

The manufacturer of horizontal screw centrifuge told us that the centrifuge is a high-speed operation machine, it is also necessary for daily test, the quality is very important. The selection of reliable well-known brands only brings convenience in the use process, but also reduces the loss trouble caused by future failures. For example, the cover of centrifuge should have double-layer multi-layer safety protection steel sleeve to meet the requirements of firmness avoid potential accidental injury, but at present, people still don't realize the existence of this risk. In order to reduce the cost, non steel other materials that can't meet the safety requirements are still used for the shell, so we should pay attention to it when purchasing the bag pulling centrifuge.

These invisible details are actually the guarantee of safety, the price is directly proportional to the quality. Other safety measures, such as rotor automatic identification (to avoid setting centrifugal speed beyond the constraint), lock cover operation (only after the lock cover can the centrifuge be started, only after the shutdown can it be opened), are important facilities to protect the safety of laboratory staff. Some centrifuges can also monitor the separation During the whole process of the heart, even if it is the imbalance caused by tube rupture sample overflow whether the rotor cover is properly covered. Different countries have different standard certification projects. Good products can go through all kinds of strict certification. The more certification, the higher the credibility. The manufacturer's after-sales service is also the main factor for inspection. The centrifuge maintenance is highly technical, the installation maintenance should be in the charge of professional maintenance personnel recognized by the manufacturer. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the safety measures when selecting the centrifuge, the reliable brand selling unit.

In operation, it should be noted that once there is a problem in the centrifugation process, the centrifuge with a lock cover may be able to open the cover take out valuable samples, which is often difficult for maintenance personnel to arrive in time. Therefore, the selection of centrifuges should be provided with manual opening holes for urgent use, the engineers should be asked how to use them during installation. If there is an accident, there is still a chance to rescue valuable samples.

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