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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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is the new breakthrough of using environmental centrifuge

2020-02-18 15:05:06

According to the summary of horizontal screw centrifuge manufacturers, in terms of concept, the implementation of centrifuges fully recognizes the new problems challenges faced by environmental protection in the new situation, is an innovative measure to implement the concept of environmental protection for the people, benefiting the people benefiting the people. In terms of thinking, the implementation of centrifuges has changed the situation in which the main body of work is scattered, the focus is scattered, the time space are scattered, the work is carried out with concentrated efforts time, the pace of different regions is unified. In terms of the promotion mechanism, through the implementation of centrifuges the work organized carried out by the local government, relevant systems mechanisms can be straightened out the division of responsibilities of relevant departments can be clarified.

Zhou Shengxian, Minister of the Ministry of environmental protection, stressed in the second half of the work session of the government information disclosure of environmental protection system held on August 29 that we should dare to break through innovate, that we should use centrifuges to drive the development of environmental protection, promote the development achieve new breakthroughs through the implementation of centrifuges.

It is an important measure to adjust the distribution of productivity to promote the development of environmental protection with centrifuge. China has a vast territory, the level of economic development, resource endowment, environmental capacity ecological conditions vary greatly in different regions. To promote development, transformation environmental protection, we must optimize the spatial layout of the economy. The implementation of centrifuge is a major decision-making deployment based on full consideration of the carrying capacity of resources environment.

Optimize regional layout with environmental capacity, optimize industrial structure with environmental management, optimize growth mode with environmental cost, promote industrial upgrading with environmental standards, combine productivity layout ecological environmental protection requirements, which is conducive to forcing backward production capacity to be eliminated, guiding the rational layout of productivity elements among different regions, industries urban rural areas, optimizing at a higher level economic development.

Specifically, through the implementation of major projects, we will further improve the threshold of environmental access, economize intensively use natural resources, promote industrial agglomeration, upgrading, optimization reorganization, make the productivity structure more reasonable, layout more scientific, efficiency higher.

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