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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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What kind of requirements does the centrifuge meet is the users choice?

2020-02-18 14:58:34

What is the important science technology in the 21st century? low-speed centrifuges to large-capacity centrifuges, we can see the great changes in the industrial development of centrifuges, so choosing good centrifuges can get the first chance on the road of industrial development of enterprises, so what kind of requirements does the centrifuges meet is the choice of users? Here are some specific questions to refer to.

the type of centrifuge suitable for you according to the purpose nature of purchase. Because centrifuges can be divided into laboratory centrifuges industrial centrifuges; according to the separation principle, they can be divided into filter centrifuges settling centrifuges. Industrial centrifuges can be divided into tripod type flat plate type according to the frame type; vertical centrifuges horizontal spiral centrifuges according to the standing mode. There are also disc centrifuges, desktop centrifuges, many kinds. Therefore, the selection of centrifuges should be based on the purpose nature of the materials to be separated. The model variety of centrifuges are complex, the price is relatively expensive. When purchasing, it should be measured according to the work.

According to the safety of centrifuge, centrifuge is a kind of high-speed running equipment. When choosing centrifuge, how can we judge whether the equipment is qualified? The following requirements of centrifuge are critical items. If one of them fails to meet the requirements, the safety function of centrifuge shall be judged as unqualified:

1. Vibration; 2. Noise; 3. Drum strength calculation; 4. Mechanical function chemical composition of drum main shaft materials; 5. Welder qualification; 6. Welding process qualification; 7. Drum weld flaw detection; 8. Flaw detection after heat treatment of main shaft; 9. Drum dynamic balance;

According to the variety, quantity economic ability of your demand centrifugation. It is to low-speed, high-speed high-speed, large capacity small capacity micro capacity, then determine the model make a horizontal comparison with the price of similar products, then the centrifuge with high cost performance. After the model of centrifuge is determined, it is what kind of centrifugal head to choose. There is a big difference in the prices of the turning speed. In addition, it also considers the details supporting issues, such as whether the centrifugal operation is simple, whether the repair is convenient, whether the planning is outdated, whether the supply of vulnerable parts is convenient. In terms of matching problems, it is impossible for a centrifuge to operate at low speed, high speed overspeed together. Generally speaking, ULTRACENTRIFUGES are limited to ultracentrifugation, suitable for high-speed centrifugation, suitable for low-speed centrifugation, the same high-speed centrifuges are suitable for low-speed centrifugation. Therefore, the purchase of high-speed centrifuges should consider the equipment of high-speed centrifuges, otherwise it will play an advantage. Generally speaking, the application frequency of low-speed high-speed is relatively high, while the utilization rate of ULTRACENTRIFUGES is relatively low. ULTRACENTRIFUGES are only frequently used in laboratories regional common settings are considered.

After selecting the centrifuge, how to use it? During the operation of the centrifuge, the operator shall observe the following protection measures:

1. Avoid unstable feeding. Control solid content of materials

Strengthen the operation level of the post personnel, improve the continuity of material transportation, timely adjust the reflux opening according to the production demand when the solid content of the material is unstable, increase the clean water content to ensure that the solid content of the incoming material is about 28% can be produced normally.

2. Control water pressure O.3 MPa

Under the condition of constant centrifuge load, in order to cause stoppage long-term damage to the supply pipe due to the fluctuation of water pressure (water pressure 0.3MPa), it is necessary to timely find out that the water pump is shut down. Timely pour the standby water pump strictly control the water pressure less than 0.3MPa in the process operation, which can only ensure the smooth operation of the system, but also reduce the damage coefficient of the supply pipe improve the service life of the equipment.

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