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Analysis solution of the fault of the automatic centrifuge

2020-02-18 14:47:31

The fault phenomenon of the full-automatic horizontal spiral centrifuge is that when the power of the centrifuge is turned on, the centrifuge cannot work start after pressing the start button. The table top high-speed freezing centrifuge is analyzed, repaired turned on the power supply of the centrifuge. After pressing the start button, the rotor of the centrifuge can work, but the compressor of the centrifuge can start the refrigeration normally.

Therefore, the analysis of disadvantages mainly focuses on the motor of rotor the control of motor. Because there is no relevant high-speed freezing centrifuge repair materials professional repair things, whether there is a problem in the motor control can be confirmed. Therefore, first check the motor of the rotor. It can be seen the multimeter that the circuit of the motor is normal, that is to say, there is no problem with the coil of the motor. Check the carbon brush of the motor again. After the carbon brush is removed the base of the rotor, it is found that the carbon brush is worn equally. Therefore, it can be confirmed that there is no problem (normal hardware) in the motor of the rotor, so the cause of the fault can be confirmed as the problem in the control of the motor, but it can be found solved quickly under the premise of the lack of materials things, so that our equipment can work normally.

In order to delay our normal work, we can only use the existing materials things to adopt some emergency handling methods. In the previous analysis, we know that the compressor of the horizontal spiral centrifuge works normally, the motor of the rotor also works normally. Therefore, we consider that the power supply of the high-speed freezing centrifuge can be directly added to the motor of the rotor instead of the defective motor control part. After the transformation with common things the implementation of the above scheme.

Power up the motor start it. The machine is running normally. Although the function of scheduling speed can be used at this time, it does affect our normal operation at all. When summing up the failure, we should carefully check analyze the cause of the failure. in time

On the premise of troubleshooting, we can use existing resources to adopt some emergency plans to ensure our normal work.

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