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Why are centrifuges expensive

2020-02-18 14:44:27

The price of centrifuges is generally high, we think. But as the old saying goes, "rare things are more expensive", so the centrifuge is already expensive, so there's a reason why it's expensive. Let's discuss the price elements of the centrifuge.

The more value-added functions of general machinery equipment, the more the price. In short, the more functions the additional equipment of centrifuge has, the more different the price of centrifuge will be. Even, sometimes the price of accessories is higher than that of the host. According to the demand of production process, the price of a centrifuge separator system is the price of a complete centrifuge;

In the production of horizontal screw centrifuges, there is a strict demand for the temperature of the separated processing environment, the demand for temperature regulation of centrifuges is put forward. For example, the centrifuge with air conditioning temperature regulation is much more expensive than the general centrifuge equipment. Now more more intelligent computer control, sensor actuator link control panel throughout the body, computer measurement control skills, real-time control of equipment dynamics, one button operation in the use maintenance of time-saving labor, the more these control procedures function requirements, the higher the cost of centrifuge.

In addition to ensuring its own separation performance, anti-corrosion explosion-proof elements should be considered in the design manufacture of centrifuge. In order to meet the anti-corrosion demand even lining with plastic PTFE, various measures should be taken in the aspects of machinery, electric control, accessories configuration, etc. to ensure the stable safe use of centrifuge equipment. The materials skills used are the cost of price.

So you have a reason for this sentence, in the centrifugal fuselage on the embodiment of hearty.

The centrifuge is a kind of high cost-effective, safe stable explosion-proof centrifuge, which is developed by learning the technical characteristics of well-known foreign brands of explosion-proof centrifuge.

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