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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Horizontal screw centrifuge is so "handy" at work

2020-02-18 14:43:50

Requirements of horizontal screw centrifuge manufacturer:

The separation requirements of horizontal screw centrifuge are determined according to the process road conditions of the enterprise. Therefore, the horizontal screw centrifuge will also be restricted influenced by the pressure, temperature, concentration uniformity of the suspension at the feed port, the depth of the drum liquid pool.

The influence of feed concentration uniformity of horizontal spiral centrifuge on separation requirements because the solid liquid in the suspension are simply layered, the concentration of the material in the material tank is uneven. Although mixing equipment is added to the material tank, the material concentration will become thick at the bottom of the material tank near the end of the discharge, which will also simply affect the unbalanced force of the machine. Therefore, make-up water is often added to the inlet pipeline of the centrifuge. The design of the mixing equipment of the material tank strives to ensure that the materials are uniform. The capacity of the delivery pump should ensure that the materials return to the material tank.

The influence of the depth of the liquid pool in the drum of horizontal screw centrifuge on the separation requirements; the weir plate at the outlet of the centrifugal mother liquor can adjust the depth of the liquid pool. The deeper the tank is, the shorter the dehydration area is, the greater the moisture content of the product is, the smaller the solid content of the mother liquor is. On the contrary, the moisture content of the product is reduced the solid content of the mother liquor is added.

The influence of feed pressure on separation requirements in many production processes, the change of feed pressure will lead to the nonuniformity of feed, which can be adapted to those filter centrifuges, but to the horizontal screw centrifuges. If a large number of materials suddenly enter the machine, it will cause the feed pipe to break the screw conveyor cavity to block. The machine will be unbalanced the main bearing vibration will increase. If the treatment is timely, the machine will be seriously damaged. Therefore, in some large-scale equipment at home abroad, the traditional feeding process has been changed to pump feeding quantitative transportation process.

The effect of feed temperature on separation requirements the improvement of material temperature can reduce the viscosity of suspension, the decrease of viscosity can add the settling speed of particles, improve the separation of horizontal screw centrifuge. However, if the temperature is too high, it will have a bad effect on the bearing seal of the machine, so the temperature of the feed should be suitable.

Therefore, the horizontal screw centrifuge will be affected by many factors when it works, which is "handy", so it is necessary to replace the control in operation work.

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