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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge

How do centrifuge enterprises stand out?

2020-02-18 14:34:11

We all know that the development of solid-liquid separation technology has provided a variety of industrial products for human beings. So, through years of development, there are various types of standards for solid-liquid separation equipment. How can a horizontal screw centrifuge manufacturer show its edge in the market?

Driven by the market demand national policies, the prospect of the professional market of plate frame filter press filtration equipment is very promising. In recent years, the contradiction of plate frame filter press filter equipment market in China is increasingly prominent. Due to the continuous improvement of technical parameters of plate frame filter press filtration equipment the improvement of relevant equipment supply chain in China, horizontal screw centrifuge manufacturers have realized the independent development production of plate frame filter press filtration equipment. Therefore, the technical parameters have been improved. The solid-liquid separation equipment with high technical parameters high quality is the popular product.

With the Ministry of environmental protection's mandatory regulations on sewage treatment plants, new shopping malls have been opened up for various filter press equipment. Therefore, the Ministry of environmental protection issued a notice: all local sewage treatment plants must reduce the water content of the existing stored sludge by less than 9% before it is transported out of the factory. The strong development of equipment manufacturing profession such as horizontal screw centrifuge just made an outstanding demonstration for our economic transformation strengthened our economic development towards environmental protection energy saving.

With the further urbanization of China, the domestic application of filter press in environmental protection equipment is more extensive, such as chemical industry, food, bio power, medicine other professions, which can reach 10.3 billion yuan in total. In this way, it provides an outstanding market for dehydration equipment such as filter press, which is an ideal sewage treatment equipment.

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