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Horizontal screw discharge settling centrifuge


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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge

The skill working principle of using horizontal screw centrifuge

2020-02-18 14:21:31

Horizontal spiral centrifuge is a horizontal spiral discharge, one continuous operation of the settlement setting arrangement. The device is equipped with a machine which is important for withdrawing the solid particles in the suspension to obtain the clarifier, for withdrawing the solid particles with larger particle size in the material liquid, for disposing the solid particles in the material to obtain the dehydration result. Solid control system

The position of horizontal screw centrifuge in environmental protection is getting higher higher. The selection of flocculant in the use of horizontal screw centrifuge is also an important factor affecting the use results of horizontal screw centrifuge. The chemical title of flocculant is "polyacrylamide", which is divided into three models of cation, anion non-ion. Three kinds of polyacrylamide have positive flocculation results for any material, However, when sewage sludge are treated by centrifugal dehydrators, some flocculants are often used to achieve better results. The selection of flocculants is mainly determined by the characteristics of voucher sludge, the pH of sludge the concentration of flocculants.

The solid control setting is equipped with layout, the solid control system enables the setting to be equipped with good use results, which also requires careful clearing of horizontal screw centrifuge in use, such as washing the supernatant return pipe regularly; clearing the screw pump into the mud regularly, eliminating the solid content of supernatant, reducing the wear level of centrifuge.

Working principle of horizontal spiral centrifuge: solid control setting, arrangement solid control system

Horizontal spiral centrifuge is a kind of spiral discharge settling centrifuge. It is composed of high-speed drum, screw carrier with hollow shaft differential with the same rotation direction as the drum slightly lower rotation speed than the drum. The solid control system is equipped with layout. When the suspension to be lax is sent into the rotating drum by the hollow shaft, it will be immediately thrown into the drum cavity under the centrifugal force effect of high-speed rotation inoculation. The high-speed rotating drum breeds the solid particles with strong centrifugal Liba density higher than the liquid phase, which are thrown on the inner wall of the drum to form the solid layer (because of the ring, it is called the solid ring layer); the water content is small because of the density the centrifugal force, so only the liquid layer can be formed on the inner side of the solid ring layer, which is called the liquid ring layer. Because of the speed difference between the screw the drum, there are relative activities (i.e. speed difference) between them. The relative activities of the screw the drum are used to slowly push the sludge in the solid ring layer to the cone end of the drum, after passing through the dry area, the solid control setting is equipped arranged, the solid control system is overhead the circular outlet of the drum; the liquid in the liquid ring layer is discharged to the outside of the drum by gravity the weir, Body laxative.

Application of horizontal screw centrifuge

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