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Horizontal screw discharge settling centrifuge


Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


Horizontal screw discharge filter centrifuge

Working principle of centrifuge

2019-11-18 16:12:35

In the drum there is a set of disc-shaped parts which are overlapped with each other. There is a small gap between the discs. The suspension ( emulsion) is joined in the drum by the feed pipe located in the center of the drum. When the suspension ( emulsion) flows through the gap between the discs, the solid particles ( droplets) settle on the discs under the action of the centrifuge to form the sediment ( liquid layer). The sediment slides along the surface of the disc leaves the disc accumulates in the large diameter part of the drum. The separated liquid is discharged the outlet of the drum.

The function of the disc is to shorten the settling distance of solid particles ( droplets) expand the settling area of the drum. The disc installed in the drum greatly improves the production capacity of the parting machine. The solid accumulated in the drum shall be removed manually after the separation machine is shut down, discharged the drum through the slag discharge mechanism without shut down.

There are two operations of centrifuge manufacturer:

1. Liquid solid separation (i.e. separation of bottom concentration suspension), which is called clarification operation.

2. Liquid liquid separation ( liquid-liquid-solid) separation (i.e. separation of emulsion), is called separation operation.

Four anchor bolts are added to the disc centrifuge, the new anchor bolts are threaded with the steel plate. Pay attention that the threaded part should exceed 2-3 Clean the bottom of the centrifuge with compressed air, especially for the part of the anchor bolt hole. Sprinkle a small amount of water on the surface of the bottom to wet the bottom, but it can't make water on the bottom. The water sprinkled on the bottom can be grouted when the bottom is absorbed dried quickly. Retest the upper plane of the bottom to ensure the levelness of the upper plane of the bottom. Then put the sizing block in place as required check it with a level meter Measure adjust the elevation of each group of sizing block, so that the elevation difference of sizing block at the bottom of the same equipment is within the allowable deviation range, place the iron plate on the sizing block that has been leveled, retest the levelness of the steel plate, support the formwork along the iron plate around the bottom, start grouting after preparation, fill the space between the anchor bolt hole the base the iron plate with early strength non shrinkage CGM grouting material, 24 After hours, the early strength grouting material will reach the strength. This kind of grouting material has good activity performance, can fill every gap, ensure the close touch between the iron plate the grouting material, at the same time, make the root the steel plate form a whole, which increases the overall stability.

Centrifuge function

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