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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Functions of tubular centrifuge I

2019-11-18 16:12:35

The centrifuge manufacturer tells you that there are many precautions in the selection of tubular centrifuge. In order to achieve the expected effect, you should pay attention to:

1. Anti corrosion function:

Generally, the materials of centrifuge have certain corrosivity. The materials touching the materials need to meet the requirements of corrosion resistance to ensure safe use. The type of structural material (304, 321, 316L, titanium plate), sealing ring, gasket material, surface treatment method (plastic lining, rubber lining, surface coating), material of filter cloth, etc. shall be confirmed during model selection. The manufacturer can be informed of the material properties (chemical properties, temperature at different times, etc.) during selection, so that the manufacturer can put forward suggestions on the selection of centrifuge materials according to the characteristics of the media, indicate them in the order to ensure the anti-corrosion requirements of the centrifuge.

2. Explosion proof function:

If there are inflammable explosive substances such as organic solvent in the processed materials ( environment), the centrifuge shall be confirmed with explosion-proof function explosion-proof function according to the explosion-proof requirements (grade) of the process. In the previous explosion-proof occasions, only explosion-proof motor is proposed. In the past two years, most of the occasions the processed substances are suspected to contain organic solvents such as solvent are required to be protected by nitrogen. In fact, in order to achieve explosion-proof in the sense of centrifuge, various methods should be adopted in the aspects of machinery, electric control, accessories, etc., such as: electric control system: explosion-proof barrier, non touch energy consumption braking system, electrostatic grounding, explosion-proof automatic control.

Mechanical system: explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof lighting, anti-collision method, anti-static drive belt.

Explosion proof accessories: nitrogen protection equipment, nitrogen online detection, on-site explosion-proof control button. Therefore, in the case of explosion-proof requirements, the user shall clarify the separated medium, explosion-proof requirements grades, equip corresponding devices adopt appropriate methods to meet the explosion-proof requirements when ordering.

Centrifuge corrosion protection requirements

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