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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Precautions for using centrifuge

2019-11-18 16:11:51

There are horizontal spiral centrifuges electric centrifuges commonly used in the laboratory. The electric centrifuges roll fast, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety. In particular, during the operation of the centrifuges, due to imbalance aging of the test tube pad, the centrifuges move while they are working, resulting in falling off the experimental platform, the cover is covered, after the centrifuges break due to vibration, the glass fragments rotate fly out, which constitutes an event End. Therefore, when using the centrifuge, it is necessary to pay attention to the following operations.

(1) The bottom of centrifuge casing shall be padded with cotton test tube pad.

(2) In case of noise vibration of the machine body of the electric centrifuge, the power supply shall be cut off immediately the defects shall be eliminated immediately.

(3) It is necessary to put the centrifuge tube into the casing symmetrically to prevent the vibration of the fuselage. If there is only one sample tube, the other one should be replaced by equal quality water.

(4) When starting the centrifuge, cover the top cover of the centrifuge before starting gradually.

(5) After the completion of the separation, close the centrifuge first. After the centrifuge stops rolling, open the centrifuge cover take out the sample. Do force it to stop moving.

(6) The centrifugation time is usually 1-2 minutes, during which the experimenter is allowed to do other things without separation.

(7) Attention to electric operation: in the research institutions of enterprises colleges, low-speed experimental centrifuges with a rotating speed of about 3000 rpm are commonly used, such as 315 type filter sedimentation integrated experimental centrifuges, 100 type experimental centrifuges, 200 type experimental centrifuges, etc. These centrifuges, with reasonable planning, low center of gravity, safety stability, have been widely used in the early sample analysis of chemical, food, medical other fields.

During the centrifugation process, it is allowed to leave at will. It is necessary to check whether the surface on the centrifuge works normally at any time. If there is any abnormal sound, it is necessary to stop the machine immediately for inspection eliminate the defects in time.

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