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Horizontal screw discharge settling centrifuge


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Horizontal two-stage piston pusher centrifuge


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Safety of horizontal spiral settling centrifuge

2019-11-18 16:11:51

Horizontal spiral centrifuge (hereinafter referred to as centrifuge) is a high-speed rotating equipment. During the operation maintenance of the equipment, strictly follow the operation maintenance procedures to ensure the safe reliable operation of the equipment; before leaving the factory, all the equipment has been tested to ensure that the ex factory equipment can work reliably. If you can follow the procedures described in this manual, your equipment will reach a long service life.

Narrator: this manual has three narrators: danger, warning attention. Their meanings are as follows:

1. Danger: refers to the possibility of personal injury equipment damage

2. Notice: it refers to the potential damage caused by the equipment

3. Note: it refers to very important operation maintenance instructions

4. Tenghan: as long as there is a sealing problem, the interstitial leakage of solid, liquid gas media may occur. If the materials handled by the horizontal screw centrifuge are toxic harmful media, the user must adopt useful methods to prevent personal inhalation direct contact with the leaked materials.

For example: operators shall wear protective work clothes, gloves, safety glasses, gas masks, protective masks, etc. In general, it is necessary for users to adopt useful methods to prevent leakage of media damaging personal health damaging equipment devices. Maintenance device: the centrifuge is equipped with standard maintenance devices (these maintenance devices include: drive belt protective cover, torque overload maintenance device other potentially dangerous maintenance devices). If the centrifuge is to be put into operation, the above maintenance devices need to be in place in excellent working conditions. Safety regulations: the relevant rules to be followed in the installation, operation maintenance of centrifuges related equipment. In addition, we advocate the following practical rules to be followed in actual use.

Maintenance of spiral centrifuge

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